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Image by Pawel Czerwinski
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 for #FinishLine
by Cambria Hebert

Stunning performance by Oliver Clarke ❤❤❤❤


I've wanted to listen to the audio version... [and] the author got it right with Oliver Clarke! He has an absolutely amazing voice and he knows how to use it. 😉


His performance enhances all the feels and will make you swoon!

  - 🎧📚 addict📚🎧, Audible


Forbidden on Ice.jpg

Oliver Clarke is a new to me narrator, but his voice is as smooth as fine whiskey and almost as intoxicating.


His narration really brings Blake to life for the listener. I'm pretty sure I could listen to this book on repeat just to hear the sexy timbre of his voice.


He brings out the playful side of the character as well as the heartfelt emotions of Blake.

  - Jocelyn, Audible

Eligible Receiver.jpg

I listened to this audiobook and fell in love with Oliver Clarke's voice as Lars.


His voice has just the right rumbly quality to portray a rough and tumble football player, set on getting his woman.


This is the second book narrated by him and I will definitely will be looking for more.

  - Karen Hrdlicka, Audible

 for Forbidden on Ice 
by S.R. Grey

 for Eligible Receiver
by S.R. Grey

About Oliver.png

Oliver Clarke is a storyteller on a mission.
He wants to make you laugh and cry, to make your heart beat just a little faster, to turn you on.

To make you feel all the feels.

And he's lucky enough to help tell stories by extraordinary romance authors
such as S. R. Grey, Cambria Hebert, J. Sterling, and Lorelai James.

While he sometimes works solo,  more often Oliver gets to tell these stories with amazing
co-narrators like Meg Sylvan, 
Meg Price, Lauren Sweet, and Reagan West, 
without whom there'd be no point in him showing up.


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